How to view blocked websites

How to view blocked websites - top 5 ways to bypass blocking

Nowadays many users are faced with a blocking of the websites and other online resources to specific region or state. It does not allow you to open a page or restrict access. Very often this applies even to information resources (like news feeds, social networks etc.).

Top 5 Ways to View Blocked Websites
There are many ways which can help you not only with viewing blocked or content with limited access, but also generally speed up the system. Let's look at the simplest and most effective of them.

5) **Turbo-Mode**
The developers of the Opera browser (although I don't like this browser) have created the ability to enable Turbo-mode in order to increase the speed surfing over the internet and reduce traffic usage. All user data passes through the Opera server. Although this was not at all the goal of the developers, but it works as a proxy server and allows you to encrypt your (user) data.

Turbo-mode will help you enter certain sites and greatly speed up the system, so in any case it will be very useful for the user. You can enable it by setting a corresponding checkmark in the browser settings.

The Turbo mode position in Settings Menu can differ, it all depends on the version of the Opera browser. Before the 46th version, to enable Turbo, you need to go to the "Settings" section, there select the "Web Pages" tab. There you can find a check box for Turbo-mode.

In newer versions of the browser, developers have bothered to hide the function of the Turbo-mode. Now it is necessary to turn on Additional Settings (the corresponding button is at the bottom left of the settings menu), then go to the Browser tab. Here at the very bottom will be displayed Turbo-mode.

4) **Using a secure connection**
Some data that pass through the network are encrypted using special keys, for example, 128-bit keys. For example, financial information usually passes through such channels. Most providers do not block such connections, so you can try to use it.

Some online resources (for example, online casinos and other gambling websites) that have limited access, use a secure Internet connection for the entire website. In the browser, this connection is indicated in the address bar using a special icon in the form of a shield or lock, and in the address itself there is an additional "S" letter.

You can view the website in secure connection mode, you just need to add the letter S to the address bar so that the address starts with httpS://. If the website supports the possibility of a secure connection, the page will open without additional problems.

However, this method is not suitable for every web resource. If the secured connection does not work, then you should pay attention to more universal methods.

3) **Using anonymizers**
If briefly and clearly, the anonymizer is one of the versions of using a proxy script that changes the user's IP address.

One of the simplest and most convenient anonymizers in the network is the ProxyWeb service. When you enter the website, the address bar will appear on your screen, where you need to insert a link to the resource which you not able to view or not able to access through the standard browser. After that, click on the "Go!" Button. The service will automatically change the IP and redirect the user to the specified resource.

The main disadvantage of such online anonymizers is the loss of connection speed. But the developers of these services do not sit still and constantly present improved products (you actually can google for different anonymizers to find a better fit for yourself).

2) HideMyAss is a service with a talking name. It has more advanced functions than a normal anonymizer. Here you can choose from through which country your data will be encrypted. HideMyAss offers users a choice of almost 1,000 servers.

This resource is very popular among users from all over the world, but its use, unlike most anonymizers, costs money. Subscription for one month costs $ 11.52, for six months - $ 49.99, and for a year - $ 78.66. If the user needs to regularly use the encryption of their data, the purchase of a subscription to HideMyAss will be quite justified.

For iOS users - I recommend to use Viscocity software. This App allows you to change your IP address, but this App isn't for free.

1) Browser Utilities/Extensions
There is an even easier way to hide your IP address - using a VPN connection. The principle of its work is the same as that of the anonymizers. To create such connection, you need special browser extensions.

There are a huge number of extensions that help users get online through VPN, but some of them are more popular then another.

UltraSurf. This program was created by cunning Chinese to bypass certain restrictions in the national network (Chinese government has blocked most of the online resources, for example - Google blocked in China, and main search engine in this country is Baidu). But UltraSurf is quite suitable for visiting resources with limited access in any country. This extension is intended for the Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers and it will built-in to your browser automatically after installation. You can download the utility for free at Then you just need to install the downloaded program and use the browser smoothly.

ZenMate. This extension was developed by Google specifically for Chrome, but it can also be used with other browsers. Installation of this extension is very simple.

In the Chrome Web Store in the search bar you need to enter the name ZenMate, and check on "Free" box. The appeared list, select ZenMate VPN. You will see in the right side big blue button - "Install". After clicking on it, a pop-up window appears asking for permission. Click Install extension and use the browser with built-in VPN for free!

Almost all browser extensions work on the same principle. After installation, the application icon appears on the top panel. By clicking on it, you can enable or disable the VPN, and change the country.

Any of the described methods is easy to use. Some of them are more effective, some have less impact on performance, some are more suitable for certain categories of resources. After trying a few, you can select the most relevant for your purposes and get full access to any web resources you want.