How to overcome traditionalism and introduce E-Sports and VR in the Asian market

Attracting e-sports games or virtual reality (VR) to a casino is a significant experiment of operators that will bring diversity to the industry. This applies even to Macau, where casino games tend to be traditional.

This opinion is shared by Michael Zhu, senior vice president for international planning and operations analysis at the Innovation Group consulting company. The expert also acknowledges that diversification in favor of digital forms of non-gambling entertainment may not be profitable for casino operators.

During his speech at the Cotai Expo at the MGS Entertainment Show 2018 in Macao, Zhu said: "The introduction of E-Sports and VR can be a challenge for diversifying offers in IR."

According to him, traditional entertainment is not in the interests for millennials: they do not want "ordinary games."

The most important thing, according to Zhu, is to combine non-game apps with the features and traditional requests of casino visitors in the Asian region.

Recall that, according to Technavio's Global research firm, by 2022, the cumulative annual increase in the market of VR gambling games will reach about 55%. Incremental growth will amount to $ 360 million (€ 308 million) in the period from 2017 to 2022.  

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