Hokkaido is preparing to build a casino resorts

Hokkaido is preparing to build a casino resorts

Japanese regions continue to assess the chances of building their own gambling facilities. On this occasion, the first Hokkaido IR Showcase will take place next month in Hokkaido.

Japan was on the verge of forming a casino industry, but it remains to be seen where exactly the integrated resorts will be located. The first Hokkaido IR Showcase exhibition will be held from November 30 to December 1. The event will bring together representatives from all stakeholders to evaluate the future segment.

According to the organizers, the exhibition will be attended by mayors of municipalities interested in state support for the development of the industry.

An exhibition of this kind will be the first for the northern island of Hokkaido, but not for the whole country. In April this year, a similar event took place in Osaka.

November 30, the first day of the two-day exhibition, will be devoted to events for the B2B audience, and December 1 - for the general public.

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