GVC supported the restriction of gambling advertising

GVC unexpectedly supported the restriction of gambling advertising

GVC supported the proposals of the British Labor Party to ban gambling advertising.

In addition, the company proposed a number of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to minimize the potential harm from gambling.

“Although the vast majority of our customers are not experiencing gambling problems, GVC recognizes that some gamers are still prone to gambling addiction. This can negatively affect their lives. To minimize potential harm, GVC offers a systematic approach to dealing with the problem,” - said company representatives.

The first approach to the solution proposed by GVC is associated with advertising content. According to the company, a significant percentage of the public believe that advertising rates on television broadcast too often. GVC, in turn, recognizes these problems and supports the prohibition of advertising on gambling before and after sports matches.

Kenneth Alexander, CEO of GVC, commented on his decision: “As a leader in the industry, we fully recognize the need to take all necessary measures to ensure a pleasant experience for our players and minimize the harm from gambling. The measures we offer today demonstrate our commitment to decisive action to reduce the negative impact of gambling. ”

A few days earlier, representatives of the all-party coalition of British political and church leaders proposed a total ban on gambling advertising on television and on the Internet.

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