Goa will have its own Las Vegas

Goa will have its own Las Vegas

The Goa government has issued a decree on the creation of a gambling zone, where visitors will be offered table games and slots. This was reported by local media.

The law will allow the construction of casinos without the need to bind them to five-star hotels.

Publication of Herald India, citing the bill, reported that the new provisions will ban local residents from entering the casino. Violation of this law will provide for imprisonment for up to one year and a fine of up to 500 rupees. They will also maintain the existing restrictions on five-star hotels that can only offer slots - without table games.

According to the bill, the Goa government can create special gambling zones anywhere. All forms of gambling will be allowed in these territories. It is most likely that a region near Mopy Airport will be selected for casino creation.

The current offshore casino of Goa will be allowed to work for four years after the adoption of the bill. However, companies will be able to extend this period by applying for a license to work in a land-based casino.

Today, the only casino operator in Goa is Delta Corp. However, the company announced that it will start implementing the project only after the Goa government makes concessions regarding taxation.

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