Gibraltar tries to keep gambling companies ahead of Brexit

Gibraltar tries to keep gambling companies ahead of Brexit

The authorities of Gibraltar decided to launch a political offensive to prevent the relocation of gambling companies to Malta after Brexit.

888 and Bet365 have announced their intention to relocate to Malta after the UK decided to withdraw from the EU. Spain, however, hastened to reassure her neighbour and stated that Brexit would not provoke any radical changes.

Although Gibraltar is trying to provide guarantees to representatives of the gambling industry, it is rumoured that many are preparing Plan B in case the promises are not fulfilled.

Bet365 intends to continue operations in Gibraltar, but has already acquired an office building in Malta, where hundreds of employees are planning to be transferred soon.

According to the Minister of Finance of Great Britain Philip Hammond, regardless of location, all gambling companies in the country will be affected by the increase in the tax on remote gambling to 21%, which will take effect from October 2019.

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