Gender equality in the management of gambling companies is beneficial

BtoBet Sales Director Kostandina Zafirovska took part in the Career and Women in iGaming workshop, which was recently held at the Sigma conference in Malta.

Zafirovska, together with other top executives, discussed various aspects during the master class, including how iGaming companies help and urge successful women to move up the career path in the industry.

I truly believe that BtoBet stands out in this matter. The policy of our company is that treasure for us has always been the skills, potential and talent of people, regardless of national, religious, gender or sexual orientation. It is simply unthinkable that in our time one can still hear sad stories related to discrimination,” - Zafirovska said.

She also noted that, according to research, there is a convincing rationale for promoting equality from the point of view of business development. The results showed that companies in which the board of directors had a more diverse composition worked much more efficiently than competitors with outdated views on equality.

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