Gaming companies are fighting for the audience of millenials

Games for millenials, why they are not interested in spending their money for gambling?

Companies that develop online games can do better in terms of attracting millennials, they just need to create more suitable products.

According to the study, over 50% of the population of Asia by 2020 will be in the category of 18 to 35 years, and by 2024 their total income will exceed $ 5.4 trillion.

However, there is an opinion that the Millenials are becoming more selective about how to spend money, so gambling is often outside their interests.

According to a study by the University of Stockton, in 2016, American millennials spent 8.5% of their budgets on gambling.

This figure differs sharply from the money spent on gambling for the rest of the population, which amounted to 23.5% of their income. The Millenials reported that the bulk of their entertainment budget went to informal dinners, bars and lounge zones, beach vacations, concerts, etc.

A similar trend can be traced in Asia, where millenials spend 30% of their income on travels, shopping and "unplanned fast lunches."

Some experts believe that the problem lies in the games design. Most of the slots available today do not attract a young audience, craving for social development and attention, which can only be provided by skill games and casual games for real money (for example CS:GO and Dota2).

"In short, there is a shortage of attractive products. Earlier, slot machines caused delight, but with such an abundance of free video games and slot games for smartphones, we do not think that traditional slots are still in interest of the younger generation of players. This is not the end for slot machines for sure, but casino content requires changes," - said Michael Palasek, CEO of Chopsticks in the Apps (the company is developing skill-based mobile games for younger audience).

The audience of millenials first of all thirsts for impressions. Gambling in the casino is no longer seen as a way to get rich, now it's more a chance to show off your skills and luck to your friends. Probably, for this reason, nightclubs and informal dinners are gaining popularity in Asia.

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