Gambling in VR will become popular in the coming years

Gambling in VR will have a colossal growth in near feature

Technological advances, consumer expectations and industry innovations will be the main factors in the growth of the popularity of gambling related to virtual reality (VR) over the next four years.

According to the Technavio's Global (analytical company) , by 2022 the cumulative annual growth in the market of VR-games will be about 55%. Incremental growth will be $ 360 million in the period from 2017 to 2022.

Technavio experts note that although such large operators as 888 and William Hill have already implemented some VR services, at the moment this segment is still not very popular among gamers. However, experts expect that the situation will change over the next few years, as VR technology will strengthen its influence in the field of online gambling and the industry of terrestrial gambling.

"Adding new technological solutions to both terrestrial and online games will help make the process even more exciting. The casinos are gradually introducing VR technology, in which players can compete with each other for cash prizes in various VR tournaments. One such example is the introduction of the Virtual Zone by Boyd Gaming in partnership with HTC and IGT," - the Technavio spokesperson said.

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