Gambling business got a big problem due advertisement ban in Italy

According to experts without advertising, gambling business in Italy is doomed

In early 2019, the Italian government intends to impose a ban on advertising and sponsorship of gambling in the framework of plans to protect citizens from the negative impact of gambling.

The ban, which may enter into force as early as January 1, 2019, will apply to "any kind of advertising that refers to games or betting with real money, including sports, cultural or creative events, television or radio broadcasts, daily and periodicals, all types of publications, billboards and the Internet. "

Operators of gambling and information channels that violate this ban will have to pay an administrative fine. However, according to the executive director of Stanleybet Giovanni Harrisi, operators will not be able to fulfill their licensing obligations to conduct online activities in Italy without advertising.

However, Harrisi believes that the ban will be temporary, since such a move could lead to lawsuits on the part of operators.

"Changes will occur at the right time. Because betting is one thing, and gambling is quite another, it can cause addiction. In any case, if nothing changes, we will sue the government and will demand a compensation," Harrisi added.

Stanleybet CEO also mentioned the company's innovations, including the introduction of artificial intelligence in the software, and the development of the first robot woman named Patricia.

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