Gambling addiction is a global problem - experts said

Gambling problem is a global problem

British scientists have determined that the harm from gambling, as well as the emergence of the problem of gambling addiction in fact - not a private but a global problem.

This conclusion in the study "Analysis of the harm associated with gambling: a guide to action," came by Dr. Heather Wardle, who worked on behalf of the Council for Strategy for Supporting Responsible Gambling (RGSB), an independent consultant in the UK Gambling Commission.

The report proposes to look at how to assess and better understand the social problems associated with gambling.

"We call upon public health workers, scientists, industry representatives and the public to support the report and work with us to establish a framework that can help prevent harm from gambling," said Neil Arthur, chief executive officer of the Gambling Commission.

The report defines a number of key criteria that should be taken into account when assessing the consequences of gambling problem: from job losses to bankruptcy, domestic crimes and suicide attempts.

According to Arthur, the work on the study is still ongoing.

Recall: against the background of the forthcoming legalization of casino-resorts, the national and local governments of Japan began to introduce a state policy to fight against gambling addiction.

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