Future Japanese casino-resorts may not bring expected results

The construction of integrated casino-resorts in Japan will not bring the expected results - experts said

The adoption of the bill on integrated casino resorts (IR) in Japan will allow casino operators to begin work on developing the gambling industry in one of the most profitable markets in the world.

However, experts of the Morgan Stanley American investment bank believe that some aspects of the bill may jeopardize the profits of future operators.

According to representatives of the holding, restrictions on the casino area and high taxes, which are offered in the current bill on the introduction of IR, will damage the professionalism of the market.

"Two main provisions - the casino size, which is only three percent of the total area of the ground floor, and a 30 percent profit tax - could negatively affect the revenues of operators," Morgan Stanley said.
The statement, published yesterday, also reported: experts expect the opening of the first casino in Japan by 2025, while the market could count on gambling profits ranging from $ 11 billion to $ 20 billion.

On Thursday, the Japanese National Parliament, finally approved the bill on the introduction of IR in Japan. The document provides for the opening of casino-resorts in three locations.

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