Former Nevada Governor helps MGM Resorts with Japanese license

Former Nevada Governor helps MGM Resorts with Japanese license

The MGM Resorts casino operator turned to the former governor of Nevada for help in obtaining a Japanese license to build and manage gambling establishments, as well as advising on the expansion of the company in the US betting services market.

MGM announced the hiring of Nevada's former governor, Brian Sandoval, as president of global gambling development. The ex-politician will lead the company's expansion strategy, especially in the Japanese market. It is also assumed that the former governor will strengthen the company's leadership position in the US sports betting market.

Sandoval’s appointment means that MGM’s president, Bill Hornbuckle, focused on global marketing. MGM CEO Jim Mourne praised the skills and knowledge of the former governor, especially emphasizing that the latter has expert opinion in the field of gambling, public policy and economic development. The marketing strategy of the company's president is to ensure that customers get the most out of gambling, and the company has a steady income.

Sandoval, whose last cadence ended this week, decided to return to the private sector for the first time in two decades. The former governor stated that MGM is a suitable professional opportunity that fully corresponds to the experience that he has, namely the legislator, the gambling regulator, the attorney general, the federal judge and the governor.

Former governor can choose the right positioning strategy for MGM as a leader in the Japanese market, as well as to ensure that the company obtains one of the three licenses for the construction and management of an integrated resort.

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