Finn received more than 250 thousand euros with the help of a bug in online casino

By using the flaw in software of the online casino, cyber criminal was able to receive more than 250k euros

The bug of the slot machine brought the 18-year-old Finn more than €250,000. The young cyber criminal used an omission in the software of the Maltese online casino and transferred the money to his account.

A resident of Foros, Finland, redirected inquiries from users of the online casino to cash out his account. Before the error in the software was discovered, he managed to get funds from 147 requests.

The 18-year-old cyber criminal immediately spent part of the money, making a transfer of 16,000 euros to his parents, and also bought a motorcycle worth €5,000. Now, according to the laws of the EU, he can face 20 months of arrest, and for his parents - a suspended prison sentence.

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