Department of Tourism says no to a casino on Boracay

Government of Boracay still insist on the absence of the casinos

On Monday, Bernadette Romulo Puyat, secretary of the Department of Tourism, said that after the opening of the island, it will not be allowed to operate either a new or already existing casino.

Boracay was closed for several months, and it's opening is scheduled for October 26 this year.

"The president ordered the Department of Tourism to close existing casinos on the island. Therefore, there will not be a single gambling establishment in Boracay. It is also necessary to check the existing casinos for the existence of a gaming license," - said Bernadette.

However, member of the House of Representatives Gustavo Tambuntin said that issues of this kind are beyond the competence of the Department of Tourism.

"I do not believe that the Department of Tourism can close existing casinos, for one simple reason - only PAGCOR can take such decisions," - the politician said.

Last week, Francis Louis Yiu Tang, vice chairman of Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd, said that the company fully supports the president's opinion on the environmental situation on the island of Boracay and hopes to bring his position to the Philippine government.

In the spring of this year on the island of Boracay, protests began among the local population and representatives of the Catholic Church against the opening of a new casino.

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