Delta Cascades casino project awaits BCLC approval

Delta Cascades project in on hold due to decision on approval of BCLC

The Delta Cascades casino project was approved by the Delta City Council, Canada, and is now awaiting a decision from the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC). A $ 70 million casino hotel will be built in Delta Town & Country.

"I know that there are residents who are very much looking forward to the discovery of this facility. In addition, it will positively affect the overall infrastructure of this place," - said Sylvia Bishop (Adviser at Delta Cascades). "I am pleased that the obvious benefits that the new casino hotel will bring will outweigh all the concerns that had occurred earlier."

Offer from Gateway Casino and Entertainment Ltd. was approved on July 30. Counselor Bruce MacDonald commented that many people for very good reasons are against gambling. He also noted that if the company wants to invest more than $ 70 million in the city and create 700 new jobs for residents, it is difficult to refuse such an offer.

Representatives of Delta expected to receive official approval from BCLC in the second reading, however, in a letter from the corporation it was reported that it can not take an appropriate decision until the city council does. Nevertheless, BCLC vice president Brad Desmarais said that the lottery corporation supports the idea of realizing this facility.

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