Control of honesty in the online casino

18 June 2018

The activity of the casino has always been accompanied by a distrustful attitude from both the players themselves and ordinary passers-by. This is justified by the rich history of the development of the gambling sphere, which dates back to the 17th century. The emergence of an online casino, which is directly related to the improvement of digital technologies, caused additional questions for gamblers about the honesty of online establishments.

If in a land institution all responsibility for the game rests with the conscience of the organizers, then who is responsible for the "transparency" of the game process in a virtual casino?

How to check online casino for honesty?
Nowadays, to increase the confidence of users and to avoid any misunderstandings in the future, many platforms use additional services for hashing data.

The mathematical algorithms MD2 and SHA256 are the most popular platforms with their help gamblers have the opportunity to verify the veracity of the game. On the one hand, this method is very simple, on the other hand it is the most effective and well thought out. Due to the complex process of data hashing, it is impossible to hack or deceive the system. Online casinos that do not use the MD2 service can easily change the original combination during the game to deceive the gambler.

Providers who do not consider it necessary to convince users of their honest intentions, ignoring the control of honesty, immediately cause a lot of suspicion in the gamblers mind. As a rule, most professional players cooperate only with trusted online casinos with an impeccable reputation.

MD2 and SHA256 Algorithms

MD2 and SHA256 ㄧ mathematical hashing algorithms that are used by gamblers to verify the integrity of the game in an online casino. MD2 is more popular than SHA256, but the second is considered a more accurate platform. The level of stability of SHA256 to cryptanalysis is an order of magnitude higher than MD2.

The algorithm of MD2 and SHA256 provides the following actions:
before the player bets, the casino generates a sequence of numbers in the form of a code, for example:
Series of 15, 6, 1, 33, 3, 9, 18, 3, 0, 34, 18, 11, 35, 5, 16, 2, 0, 14, 29, 13, 5, 3, 0, 12, 9;

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With the help of the chosen mathematical algorithm, the above data is hashed to the next digital signature: djj45ljhi6k76878nkh5767nkj31lkj5346lklbkj (example), which is immediately given to the gambler. The code is unique and any change to the original data will result in a completely different cipher. You cannot translate the code into its original form - it's impossible;
At the end of the game, the gambler has the ability to compare the digital signature sent to the casino, with data obtained by self-checking the code on one of the specialized services of MD2 or SHA256.

The digital code guarantees gamblers a "transparent" game. When choosing a gambling platform, it is necessary to pay attention to the existence of a guarantor of honesty.

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