Construction companies aim to build a casino resort in Osaka

Construction companies already started their expansion to be able to build integrated casino resorts

Another construction company, Takenaka Corporation, opened its representative office to get a contract to build an integrated resort in Osaka.

To make itself known, Takenaka Corporation opened the Yumeshima MICE / IR Promotion Office in Osaka. This area is the most promising as a future zone for the construction of an integrated resort.

The office began its work last Monday. In a statement the company said that it will be headed by Masahisa Kanto. Information about the size of the team has not yet arrived. The temporary organization will function until fiscal 2022.

Several other companies, such as Obayashi and Kajima, have already taken similar steps. The integrated resort is expected to be the venue for World Expo 2025.

The Osaka government insists on developing an integrated resort and seeks to maximize the benefits associated with expanding the gambling business. In addition, local authorities are taking appropriate steps to increase the chances of the prefecture to receive the project. So, in April the municipal metro was privatized.

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