Casino on the cruise liner

Great way to entertain yourself and gamble

Gambling is not limited to terrestrial space. On the decks of spacious cruise liners, guests can always play roulette, get close to the "one-armed bandit" and try their luck during a long journey.

The owners of the tourist business try to equip the gambling room not only on huge comfortable cruise ships, where the rich make around-the-world trip, but also on modest motor ships, sailboats and yachts. Fans of gambling are happy about this. As for taxation, the laws of the naval department work here. Therefore, owners of gambling in the sea do not pay such huge fees, like the ones on the shore. At each stop on the shore - all gambling halls become closed for visitors, otherwise owners of such liners can run into trouble and heavy fines, related to a severe violation of the laws of the country where the ship moored. There are several ports where these restrictions and regulations do not apply. But the routes of such liners rarely pass through these ports.

The entrance to the casino for guests looking for gambling on board the liner is usually free. Cruise gambling institutions is different from land-based casinos for the players. It is enough to exchange the minimum amount of cash for chips of the "sea" casino and you can start the game. Its often happens that the number of gaming tables is slightly less than the number of entertainment available on the ship. Therefore, sometimes guests have to make a choice between their favorite games. By the way, representatives of different nationalities and residents of different continents do not agree in their preferences. Roulette can not boast of absolute attention among the passengers of the cruise ship, poker and its varieties are more popular and in demand. Outside of competition there have always been - slot machines.

Tourists who do not seek extreme entertainment for money, but just want to have fun, can also visit the floating casino. They are allowed to chat with visitors, drink at the bar and even take photographs. In comparison - the mainland gambling institutions have more bans, and the rules are more stringent.

Inexperienced and simply curious players are happy to learn the basics of the games, casino also support such players with attractive bonuses. Mainly casinos on cruise liners are visited just for fun as an addition to relaxing travel.