Casino Games with Live Dealer

New resolution and format of online gambling

The development of technologies, including video cameras, which already allow to shoot everything in 8K resolution (7680 by 4320 pixels), allow highest quality development not only in the cinema industry, but also in any other, in which shooting is somehow involved.

Direct sports broadcasts have already tested VR headset to watch football matches, where the viewer can literally walk on the edge of the field and watch the movements of players from virtually any point without any restrictions.

The casino industry is trying to keep up, especially given the huge budgets in this area, because developers are trying to immerse all gamblers in the atmosphere of a real casino and playing with a casino with a live dealer is no exception. The quality of the picture, the variety of games, and the opportunities are constantly being improved.

The most popular games with live dealers are blackjack, roulette, poker and baccarat. Interesting fact is that so far no major poker room has managed to create an online version of poker with a live dealer. At the moment there is an ordinary three- or five-card poker with a live dealer, but I haven't seen yet in any poker room with at least several players (6-9) which play at the same table and communicate with a live dealer.

The ability to play remotely in casino games with a live dealer in the presence of a real person, being away from a real casino, is a completely different level, although they have their drawbacks.

For example, in comparison with the usual online poker game, you will be playing each hand much longer, because the computer AI (or script) does it in a matter of seconds, but live dealer can shuffle cards 10 times longer. Also, there is a limited number of tables with live dealers.

What do you need to remember when playing with a live dealer?

Unfortunately, very many gamblers forget that in front of them in the live casino is a real person who reads everything you write to him in chat window, and in some gambling establishments there is a possibility of video and audio conferences with a live dealer. Therefore, as well as in a real casino, you must show respect to the dealer, do not swear and insult, otherwise you will simply be blocked in the casino.

Blocking is certainly half of the disaster, which is not comparable to what would happen if you were thrown out of the institution by a couple of big security guards somewhere in Las Vegas. But here they also can block the account with your money, that is why you should behave culturally.

When playing with live dealers there is a colossal advantage over the game against the computer AI. You are playing on an equal footing against another person who also can accurately calculate the mathematical expectation of the cards dealt, and he is just as likely can make a mistake which computer opponent will never do.