Caesars is considering Tilman Fertitta’s proposal to merge with the Golden Nuggets

Caesars is considering Tilman Fertitta’s proposal to merge with the Golden Nuggets

At the end of 2018, Golden Nuggets owner Tilman Fertitta turned to Caesars Entertainment with a proposal to merge companies. The deal assumed that control of the company would be exercised by representatives of Golden Nuggets.

Caesars politely declined the offer, but recently it seems that the company is seriously considering the possibility of a merger and transfer of Golden Nuggets property rights. It is also reported that Caesars is discussing a similar opportunity with one of the key investors, billionaire Carl Aykan.

Aykan controls 10% of casino operator shares. According to the latest statements by Caesars, board members are actively discussing the possibility of a merger with the investor, who, they say, has the opinion that this decision is in the interests of the company.

Caesars declares: “In accordance with its fiduciary duties, the company's board remains open to all reasonable offers, including those related to the merger.

Karl Aykan believes that the operator’s shares are undervalued.

"The value of the shares may increase in the case of the sale of the company," - adds the investor.

It also became known that Aykan sent an application to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and convened a meeting of board members at which the latter will be able to discuss the prospects for a merger.

Despite the fact that Fertitta failed to convince Caesars at the first attempt, he does not lose hope. The owner of Golden Nuggets has acquired 4 million shares, which is less than 1% of the total assets of the company.

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