British bank will help players with gambling problems

The British bank introduced protective measures for players with gambling problem

Starling Bank became the first financial institution to take measures to fight against gambling addiction.

Today, people with addiction to gambling who want to get rid of it, should contact operators to block their accounts. Starling Bank has introduced a blocker that allows customers with gambling addiction to block transactions in gaming operations.

Clients, of course, will also be able to disable this feature. In this case, they will be notified with the number of the free hotline.

"The gambling blocker of our bank emphasizes how digital banking can respond to the problems of its customers and use technology to develop solutions that will help them live better financial lives," commented Anne Boden, Starling's CEO. - It's not about agitating clients not to gamble. It's about giving them a simple and effective tool that can help them regain control of their finances."

In support of this initiative, the British Institute for Policy on Money and Mental Health called on other banks to also turn to this measure. Some gambling operators also stand up to protect players from addiction.

Despite the fact that according to representatives of Starling Bank, their tool is the first in the industry, last month Monzo also went to a meeting regarding players with gambling problems, giving them the opportunity to block payments through the bank or in person.

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