BOLDT - the main contender for 7 casinos in Buenos Aires

Main contender for owning 7 casinos in Buenos Aires is BOLDT

Three Argentine companies continue to compete for a tender for three casinos administered by the government of Buenos Aires with the help of the Provincial Institute of Lottery and Casinos (IPLYC).

Those who refused to continue participating in the auction included a branch of the Advent investment fund, which until recently was known as Enjoy, the Casino Conrad - Chilean operator, Codere the Spanish brand, and the Philippine company.

On June 28, each bidder submitted two envelopes detailing the financial possibilities for taking part in the tender, gambling experience, investment plans and the subsequent construction of new casino buildings, as well as other technical specifications.

Boldt, the operator of Casino Trilenium, introduced a sealed container more than a meter in height, filled with boxes and 18 original folders, attachments and duplicates, thus demonstrating the obvious intention to get the 7 casinos of Buenos Aires.

In June, Maria Eugenia Vidal, governor of the province of Buenos Aires, decided to end the concessional contracting of the previous administration with "friendly" parties for the operation of more than 4,000 slot machines in casinos owned by the province. First of all, she wanted to take away from the operator Boldt Casino Trilenium, the most profitable casino with more than 1600 slot machines.

Nevertheless, not everything is in favor of Boldt, since the application will consider IPLYC within the next few weeks, and if it finds a discrepancy with the goals of the province of Buenos Aires, the applications will be declared as invalid and the slot machines will be placed at the disposal of the provincial authorities.

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