Ban on smoking does not apply to Macau VIP clients

Ban on smoking does not apply to Macau VIP clients

Violations of the ban on smoking at Macau casinos are most often observed in some VIP halls of the city or in institutions closest to them. This was reported by representatives of the working group of the city and the Federation of Trade Unions.

It was assumed that smoking at the gaming tables would cease in the VIP-rooms - the only areas where such activity was still allowed when the new rules regarding smoking in a casinos came into force on January 1st.

A statement by the Federation of Trade Unions that local casino workers are concerned about the negative effects of tobacco smoke was published after a recent meeting with the government. It was attended by representatives of the Health Bureau, the Bureau for the Prevention and Control of Smoking, and Leong Sun Yok, a local legislator representing trade unions. Also among them were representatives of several working groups. In a statement, the federation notes that they spoke about incidents that some of their employees faced in the workplace.

Bathrooms have become a new place for smoking, especially in VIP areas, the federation said in a statement, citing workers' reviews. The ministry also reports that some players were offered cigarettes right at the gaming tables, even though this is contrary to the rules.

According to representatives of the working groups, in some cases it was allowed to use new smoking rooms that have not yet received government certification.

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