Ban on advertising of gambling does not affect consumer demand – experts said

Representatives of the Italian trade organization LOGiCO, whose activities are related to online gambling, are confident that the ban on advertising interactive gambling does not affect consumer demand.

The prohibition of the Italian government on gambling advertising has caused a serious resonance in the industry. However, according to LOGiCO, advertising does not play a key role for gamers who prefer gambling.

According to the company, 94.5% of adult gamblers play in land-based casinos, and the online segment remains the niche market in the country. In addition, research carried out by the Italian National Institutes of Health (ISS) shows that online gambling operators are better prepared to protect players from addiction than land-based gambling clubs.

ISS statistics confirm that online gambling services more effectively reveal the problematic behaviour of players,” - said LOGiCO President Moreno Marasco.

In addition, LOGiCO explained: ISS statistics also show that advertising does not affect interaction with consumers of gambling.

In the meantime, gambling operators are also opposing a ban on advertising online gambling in Italy. Recently, LeoVegas filed a complaint of relevant content with the European Commission.

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