Australia: Gambling advertising costs are rising

Australia: Gambling advertising costs are rising

According to the Standard Media Index, gambling operators in Australia have begun to spend more on advertising.

Despite the introduction of stricter restrictions on gambling advertising, namely the regulation of the display of audiovisual advertising on television and the Internet, there has been a significant increase in the costs for ads for gambling operators. So, until July of this year, they spent 26% more on gambling advertising - about $140 million. However, more emphasis is now placed on advertising in print media (+ 121%), in movies (+ 84%) and on the streets ( + 60%).

In July, revenues from the sale of advertising on websites grew by 30% year on year.

“The gambling campaigns were undoubtedly supported by a number of major sporting events in the first half of the year, as well as increased competition in this sector,” - said Jane Rathcliffe, managing director of SMI ANZ.

According to the recently introduced rules, gambling ads are not allowed to be shown during live broadcasts of sports events between 5:00 and 20:30. This is done to protect the rights of minors. Similar restrictions apply to online betting.

Recall that Australia is also taking tough measures against illegal online gambling. Fans of betting on illegal sites for betting on horse racing will face more severe penalties.

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