ASA - British children less affected by gambling advertising

ASA - British children less affected by gambling advertising

According to a new report, the pressure on British children through the dominance of gambling advertising over the past five years has significantly eased.

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has published its latest report, Child Exposure to Television Advertising with Age Limit, which shows the number of advertisements with gambling, alcohol and unhealthy food, influenced by children. The report analyzed the period from 2008 to 2017.

According to the data, children are constantly confronted with gambling advertising: from 2.2 ads per week in 2008 - the rules of gambling advertising in 2013 were - to 4.4 ads per week. 2013 became the starting point, after which the licensing regime of gambling operators was updated in the UK, and a restriction was imposed on gambling advertising for online best and casinos as well.

By 2017, the number of gambling ads viewed by children decreased to 2.8 per week, which is slightly higher than in 2008, but nonetheless represents a decrease of 37.3% compared with the peak of 2013.

All categories with age restrictions, according to the data obtained, have reduced numbers, compared with 2013. However, the ASA warns that this process may have been triggered not by the effectiveness of the policy being pursued, but by the fact that children “switched” from television advertising to online gambling content.

The general susceptibility of adults to gambling advertising is ongoing.

The British media have for many years raised the issue of gambling advertising and its impact on the younger generation. Their efforts were rewarded when British betting operators agreed voluntarily to stop advertising during live sports events.

However, given that 80% of British gambling marketing is concentrated on the Internet, operators should expect a new wave of public discontent and new restrictions.

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