Another US state joined gambling fever

Another US state joined gambling fever, this time its Texas

Joe Deshotel is tired of the constant outflow of funds from Texas. A state representative put forward a bill that would allow casinos to be built in coastal areas.

Deshotel plans to introduce a tax rate on casinos in the amount of 18%, which will go to insurance against natural disasters. It should be expected that, due to the trends in global climatic conditions, Texas will need insurance to minimize damage from possible storms.

The real problem for the deputy is to increase tax revenues. The statement of the legislator: “The states bordering Texas has legalized gambling. We are losing millions of dollars in potential tax revenue from the gambling business.

The politician also added: “The fact that there are no casinos in Texas does not prevent people from visiting casinos in other states.

The Texas legislature will resume work on January 8, but the bill is unlikely to be supported by a majority.

At the same time, Arkansas has already voted to legalize gambling. According to preliminary data, lobbying the bill cost $9.7 million.

The largest sponsor was the Political Action Committee (PAC). And in the Arkansas Promotion Committee they said they raised $7.1 million to promote the bill. The greatest contribution was made by several local tribes who plan to benefit and become recipients of new licenses.

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