Another Japanese prefecture is considering placing an IR

Another Japanese prefecture is considering placing an IR

Takashi Kawamura Mayor of Nagoya stated that the neighboring city of Kuvana (Mie Prefecture) should consider building a casino resort and added that the authorities are starting to gather information.

At the same time, Kuwana’s mayor Narutaka Ito was more cautious in his statements and noted that now the possibility is only “in the air.”

At the moment we cannot say whether building an IR is definitely a good idea. The political department is now collecting information,” - he added.

Last month, the mayor of Nagoya, Takashi Kawamura, publicly suggested that the Nagoya casino resort in question could be located at Nagashima Spa Land, the main amusement park along Ise Bay in the neighboring city of Kuvan, which is completely outside the authority of his own administration.

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