Andorra will reconsider the question of a controversial tender for casinos

The Government of the Principality of Andorra confirmed that it would take a month to consider complaints from European gambling operators regarding the issuance of the only state casino license to the regional enterprise Jacs SA.

According to Anthony Marty, the Prime Minister of Andorra, such European operators as Casinos Austria, Genting Group, Partouche France and Grupo CIRSA addressed the government with a complaint.

The gambling operators cited the example of several serious violations during the tender. In their opinion, this also contributed to the regional casino Jacs SA receiving the only casino license from Andorra for €10 million.

European gambling groups also indicated that the judges deliberately ignored the capabilities of Jacs SA and the operational requirements stipulated by the tender process.

Moreover, Xavier Bardin, Advisor to the Andorran Gambling Control Commission, was directly accused of interfering in the selection process.

Earlier it was reported that the Northern Mariana Islands Commission began issuing the first licenses for gambling activities.

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