Amax will take care of casino maintenance in Cambodia

Amax International announced a deal in the amount of 9 million Hong Kong dollars ($ 1.1 million) to provide technical and management services for casinos in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

The casino belongs to the British Virgin Islands included in Cheung Shing Global Travel Entertainment. The announcement on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange did not contain any additional information about the casino, except that the company is owned by entrepreneur Eng Man San.

Amax will ensure the design, development and implementation of information technology systems, the overall casino design, the creation of operational and internal control structures, as well as the provision of search and recruitment services. The company will also assist in the acquisition of all relevant licenses.

The casino will open in March next year.

In early September, the company Suncity Group entered into an agreement with the Cambodian casino on the provision of management and consulting services.

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