Albanian casinos will be transferred to the outskirts of cities

Albanian casinos will be transferred to the outskirts of cities

The Albanian government stated that all casinos and betting centers should be transferred to the city outskirts.

This week, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama announced the decision to relocate all casinos and betting stations from residential areas. In particular, this situation has affected the capital of the country - Tirana.

Rama said that all casinos, including points that take bets on sporting events, should be moved to the outskirts of cities until December 31. The government believes that city streets in a country that is one of the poorest on the European continent are oversaturated with gambling establishments. Now the authorities intend to stop the growing trend.

The Prime Minister also noted that, despite the fact that over the past five years, the number of casinos has decreased from 40 to 20, tax revenues from gambling have increased by €15 million - from €32 million to €47 million. According to him, if the mass media will not stop illegal advertising of gambling, they will be “closed forcibly”.

The current law prohibits advertising of bookmakers and gambling, but it has been violated by all media without exception, so I warn them that they have 24 hours to remove all advertisements of this type,” - said Rama.

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