Artificial intelligence in gambling: a story about how fantasy became a reality

Development of AI and integration of it in the gambling industry

AI (artificial intelligence) - smart and self-learning computer software which can independently collect and analyze information. Due to this, modern AI can perform tasks of mental and even creative nature.

Surprisingly, for the first time AI capabilities were demonstrated in the middle of the twentieth century. A.Samuel presented the world's first self-learning system, playing checkers. In 1962, the world's strongest peacekeeper R. Neely gave up to computer intelligence, which helped attract serious investments for the further development of technology.

At the moment there are two main areas of research and development of AI, with a different approach to implementation:

  1. AI, working on a semiotic principle;
  2. AI, working on a biological principle.

The semiotics approach is focused on the development of a symbolic system capable of modeling high-level mental processes: thinking, reasoning, human emotions.

The neural network is a mathematical model that has a software or hardware implementation and is created on the basis of the principles of organization and operation of the biological network of neurons. In other words, this is a direct attempt to model the human brain.

Modern science has reached a level where AI is able to recognize images, analyze the information received and classify it (break up into clusters), and ultimately perform tasks that previously could only be entrusted to a person. The introduction of technology allows you to shift to the machine a large number of functions and thereby optimize the solution of a huge number of issues.

Artificial intelligence in gambling: marketing and management

The cost of implementing and using artificial intelligence is gradually decreasing, so its use becomes available even for small businesses and start-ups. There are three topical areas for gambling business, where AI allows the entrepreneur to gain a number of advantages.

Retention Marketing

Forecast on outflow and calculation of potential profit. Provides a timely response and allows you to contact the client on time, preventing his departure. Today, attracting new customers takes much more resources than retention. If the company can not interest the audience, it will earn less and eventually lose to competitors.

AI processes the data for the entire client base in a few minutes and predicts the behavior of the user, who soon plans to abandon the game. AI will show which players and what bonuses should be offered for their reactivation.

Acquisition Marketing

Due to the limited marketing budget for obtaining the maximum ROI, you have to constantly analyze traffic sources. In this regard, artificial intelligence in gambling has long surpassed the most experienced managers.

AI analyzes the game patterns of each new client that came from a new source, and performs forecasting of potential revenue. Using the information obtained, it is possible to correctly reallocate resources to receive high-quality traffic.