A casino resort in Osaka should be launched soon enough

A casino resort in Osaka should be launched soon enough

Osaka is called one of the leaders in the list of possible locations for resorts in Japan. The region is attractive with a developed tourist infrastructure and the fact that it will become the venue for the 2025 World Expo.

The industry is divided into several camps. Representatives of the first are convinced that an integrated resort should be implemented before the opening of the exhibition in 2025. Others believe that the complexity of construction of the gambling facilities and the specifics of legislative regulation will not allow the project to be implemented in such a short time.

The Kansai group believes that issues with Osaka should be resolved at an accelerated pace in order to ensure the opening of a casino resort on Yumshim Island prior to the start of the World Expo.

Kansai Representatives published a report that contains a number of recommendations for the future of the casino resort, as well as the statement that Osaka’s application should be considered as a priority, which will allow the creation of a headquarters for development and maintenance at Yyushima.

Earlier, the Japanese government said it would not consider applications from cities and prefectures before the onset of the summer of 2019. In addition, the selection process itself may take several months.

After it becomes known exactly where the casino resorts will be located, the design process will begin, which may take several years.

Some experts believe that the rush regarding casino resorts is unforgivable, as it can lead to the fact that many important aspects related to the regulation of the gambling business may be ignored.

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