10 largest casinos of India under investigation due to tax avoidance

Tax avoidance by casino operators in India

While in other countries government bodies are trying to alleviate tax obligations for gambling operators, in India the belts are tightening up in this matter. About 10 largest casinos in the state of Goa came under the investigation of the tax department because of tax avoidance.

This info available in the report of The Economic Times of India. The tax department accused operators that they did not pay a license tax of 15% from 2014 to 2016.

Casino Royale Goa

At the moment only a few operators have agreed to pay the required tax. The rest submitted petitions to the Supreme Court of Bombay, challenging the tax liability. In their view, the license at that time was already a confirmation of the right to operate, and the additional tax is not legally justifiable.

Today in Goa operates six land and four floating casinos. There are also gambling establishments operating on the basis of five-star hotels, where access to games is open only to foreign guests. The Indian police regularly conducts raids against illegal gambling establishments.

Meanwhile, some tax experts sided with the casinos with a statement that operators are not required to pay any other indirect taxes, since they are already burdened with a tax on services at a return rate.

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