Quick look at the winning 1-3-2-6 system in BlackJack

Quick look on the one of the most popular winning system in BlackJack

Principle of the system

The principle of the 1-3-2-6 system is very simple. The numbers in the strategy name - the multipliers of the initial bet, the next multiplier applies only when the previous bet gave you win. It's important to be aware and believe in the constant change of game periods. If you don't trust math - system is not recommended. First, choose any game where house pays you 1 to 1 for your bet. This can be done with equal chances in roulette, as well as betting in BlackJack or a Red Dog.


We play BlackJack with a bet of $10, having on your account $1000 in total (100 minimal bets), and we use the system 1-3-2-6. So, make a $10 bet and if you win, then you need to place a bet of $30 and win again. In this case, you must place a bet of $20 and if result is positive - you need to finish last bet with $60. After that, you should return to the bet of $10 and repeat it all over again.

After any loss, we return to the initial bet. The essence of the system boils down to the fact that if a player catches a "lane of luck", he will win 12 bets in 4 hands, and if he is in bad luck, he will lose only 4 bets (only $10 each) for 4 hands. So, the difference in 8 bets should make your game profitable in a long run.

With the 1-3-2-6 system, you can start playing without a large amount of cash. I recommend you to have at least 100 initial bets for this system. I think the system has more psychological significance, but since many facts of luck and bad luck have not yet been explained, the strategy can be really effective. Below you also can take a look at the explanation video made by
Eight of Spades So, good luck ;)!