Is there any use from gambling?

Is it useful to gamble or it should be banned?

It should be noted that the attitude in society towards gambling and people who are addicted to it is pretty controversial. You may have come across articles, podcasts or even whole books dedicated to this topic. And in many of them, hobby for gambling is considered as a disease. It is placed on one level next to alcoholism and drug addiction. The authors of these materials argue that the gambler is sick and requires psychological and psychiatric help.

But how much does this correspond to reality? Is this all straightforward? We propose to look at this hobby from different angles.

Usually, as a rule, authors of materials dedicated to gambling addiction give examples of ruined fates. When a person, succumbing to the feeling of excitement, loses in the casino not only a large sum of money, but all of his savings. As a result, he loses his job, family or even goes to a crime in order to get more money for the game. Well, some of these stories are really true. But is it possible to judge the situation as a whole on individual cases?

Look at the casino. Who do you see in the halls and, for example, at the poker table? For the most part, these are accomplished, self-confident people who give the impression of successful personalities. Often these are middle-aged and older men who behave very calmly. As for poker, it is a separate topic and a poker game - it's real art. This requires an endurance, a cold and prudent mind, as well as a subtle intuitive psychology to recognize the bluff of partners. So it is unlikely, that you will see in the halls of gambling establishment visitors whose appearance and behavior will confirm the theory of demonic dependence on the game.

But let's look back at the whole history of mankind. It is all streaked with wars and conflicts. Unfortunately, even today there are many military operations in the world. And what is war? These are campaigns and battles, men go to war, they are willing to risk their lives to come back victorious. For women, this is a painful expectation, pain and tears. And often, even women take up arms, proving their courage. Does this mean that the risk, the desire to be a conqueror since ancient times are inherent in human nature? It's in our blood!

But in this case, why not consider gambling as one of the ways to almost painlessly quench this passion and a thirst for risk? After all, not everyone in the war was victorious, and some even died. The other turned out to be more successful, strength and experience became the key to success. All this is relevant for the players. When choosing gambling, a person consciously takes risks. He expects adrenaline rush in his blood. In addition, the result can be a very real and tangible win. Here you can apply your talents as a tactician and strategist, develop your own winning combinations and ideas. And if luck is turned away, have patience, replay the fate, and do not lower your hands!

The game itself is a kind of battle. Remember the catch phrase: "What is our life? - A game". So let's confidently and adequately play this game. And it depends only on the person how persistently he will perceive the temporary failure and defeat. Someone becomes stronger and moves on, and the weak in spirit give up. So do not put a blame on gambling!