Standalone online casinos and casinos with poker rooms - which is better?

Standalone online casinos and casinos with poker rooms - which is better?

Determining the degree of reliability of an online casino is not an easy task. Some players rely on ratings on casino sites compiled by various reviewers, while others rely on their own experience and conduct their research regarding online casinos.

There are a number of important features which can determine the reliability of a casino website. The crew of BGAOC spent a lot of time studying various indicators on gambling sites to determine their honesty, and then share this information with the public.

The advantages of poker rooms

Online casinos with poker rooms provide the opportunity to play online poker against real opponents. Most resources allow you to use the same account to play in the casino and in the poker room, and this is their main advantage.

Thus, poker rooms make the game more convenient for those users who want to play poker and casino games on the same site. Experts came to the conclusion that online casinos with poker rooms - preferred choice of players. Including those who are just looking for online casino games.

But is this point of view credible? Are online casinos that offer poker rooms really better and safer? Is it true that they pay out winnings faster? Is there really a lower risk of being left without payment? To answer all these questions, the experts analyzed all online casinos with poker rooms that we have in our database, and compared them with stand-alone online casinos.


The study is based on an analysis of 798 online casinos owned by 337 companies. Experts confirmed the connection of each of them with poker rooms. It was taken into account all the relevant information for each casino from the database: data on the availability of languages, methods of making deposits, currency and time of payments.

The database also contains real user experience, collected on the basis of 4146 posts. This information was classified according to the nature of the comments (negative or positive). We also indicated the time of payment to the players when it was possible. Based on the payment information from the commentators, the risk of no payout was determined for each online casino.

Several operators belonging to the same owner were placed together, and their data were averaged to avoid prejudice.


To start with the most important thing, the research team compared the average language versions, available currencies and deposit options for stand-alone casinos and resources with poker rooms only.

It turned out that in casinos with poker rooms, the probability of having your language is 9% higher, the possibility of offering exact payment method you prefer is 15% higher, and the probability of using your currency is 15% higher.

Based on the user experience of real players gathered at gambling forums, casinos with poker rooms generally received more positive feedback. The percentage of positive experience was 57% for sites with poker rooms, 49% - for stand-alone casinos. The ratio of negative feedback was 36% to 44%, respectively. In addition, among the negative reviews, 38% of complaints remained unresolved in the case of stand-alone casinos, 30% in casinos with poker rooms.

In the course of comparing the announced payment terms, it turned out that casinos with poker rooms pay out players their winnings much faster than stand-alone casinos. In casinos with poker rooms, this process takes on average 1.6–3.1 days, and in stand-alone casinos it takes from 2.5 to 4.7 days. At least, so they promise.

The question remains: do casinos really fulfill promises regarding payment?

Online casinos with poker rooms give all payouts approximately within 2.9 days, which is within the promised interval. Stand-alone casinos in turn, give you your money in an average of 11.4 days, which is twice higher than their maximum promised time.

Additional analysis showed that the percentage of casinos that made payments in the shortest possible time (from 0 to 1 day) was higher among casinos with poker rooms (41% and 25%). While the percentage of casinos with the slowest payouts was 26% for casinos without poker room compared to 5% among casinos with poker rooms.

10 days to wait for the winnings is unpleasant, but even worse is not to get it at all without any adequate reason. To date, the lack of payment in full is found in the world of casinos much less than few years ago, but such cases still happen.

It turned out that the risk of no payout is lower by more than one-third at casinos that offer poker (8%) compared to stand-alone casinos (13%). In addition, upon closer examination, it turned out that the share of operators with the highest risk of non-payment of winnings among stand-alone casinos is 11%, and in casinos with poker rooms - 4%.

Customers who win large amounts usually face the problem of limiting payouts. In some cases, such players cannot withdraw their winnings at once due to the monthly limit.

The study revealed that for casinos with poker rooms the maximum limit on payments is on average 2.5 times higher. In addition, casinos with poker rooms are 70% less likely to have the limit in amont less than $10,000 per month. Conversely, high limits on payments (more than 500,000) are much more common in casinos with poker rooms than in stand-alone casinos.


The results of the study clearly demonstrate that online casinos offering poker rooms are better, more reliable and enjoy a higher level of trust than casinos without poker rooms. They pay winnings faster, have higher payout limits, and the players in them get much less negative experience (for example, refusal to receive payouts).

Although if you are looking for reliable online casinos you can take a look at our top rated list of online casinos here on BGAOC website.