Worldwide gambling - Gambling in Italy

Casinos in Italy - long history and wide variety of games and services

Despite the fact that Italy is one of the most favorite and visited countries by tourists, it has a very small number of gambling houses - 4 casinos in total. However, these entertainment complexes fully satisfy the demands of the players and allow them to get incredible pleasure from gambling games.

First Italian casino from the existing four is located in the province of Como in the small town of Campione. It began to function in 1917 and still exists. Initially, this gambling establishment offered its services illegally, but from 1933 it was legalized. It is believed that the initiative to open it belongs to the secret Italian services, which were necessary for the recruitment of foreign diplomats.

The casino in Campione-d'Italia is the main source of income to the local budget and provides employment for about 20% of the citizens. Not long ago this Italian casino was moved to a new building, perfectly complementing the city landscape. The highlight of this casino - American and French roulettes.

The second casino of Italy is in Venice - Vendramin Calergi casino. This casino, in my opinion, is the one of the most beautiful in the world. It's located in the building of an ancient castle, built in 1509. This gambling establishment is amazing not only for its magnificent appearance and rich interior decoration, but also for the range of entertainment offered. Special attention is paid to the Regia room, where Chemin de Fer is available, and the Golden Hearts Hall, where the Trente-Quarante game is played in.

The third Italian casino is in the city of San Remo. It's also located in an ancient building, although the Art Nouveau style is used for its decoration. In this palace, song festivals are constantly held. Visitors of the casino are not only ordinary tourists who come to rest in this illustrious Italian city, but also many famous personalities (politicians, actors, artists).

Casino in San Remo includes both a traditional list of gambling like video poker with slot machines.

Entrance to all Italian casinos requires certain rules: availability of appropriate clothing and identity document (especially for young visitors).

The final, fourth casino of this European country is in the St. Vincent - it's the Casino de la Vallee city. This gambling institution is the youngest among the casinos in Italy: it was opened in 1957.

I must say, Italy also allows online gambling. So, at the moment there is a gambling law that allows playing poker and in online casinos, which was not so long ago a ban for local citizens. This gambling law allows operators to obtain licenses and open legal virtual casinos in Italy. Such business will be taxed at 20%. Also, Italy's gambling law determined the maximum sum, which you can place as a bet, for all gambling establishments in the country - the maximum sum is 1000 euros (~1170 USD).