Worldwide gambling - Gambling in Greece

It is considered that Greece is the place of origin of gambling at least for the cards and dice

For most of us, Greece is associated with ancient myths, gods, tourism and good vacation. But very few people paid attention to the possibility not just to spend a holiday, basking on the beach, but to play, for example, in local casinos.

The difficult economic situation in the country has caused the rapid evolution of the gambling industry in recent years. The number of gambling houses has grown significantly. Currently, the casinos of Greece tend to provide an influx of visitors throughout the year. Gambling establishments are located in the territory of large hotels, being an integral part of them or as a part of resort zones. In addition to the game process for the clients of the casino, luxury apartments, various show programs and additional services are available.

The main emphasis, of course, is on foreign visitors. It should be noted that Greeks are also quite a gamblers. A special place in the local culture - card games, and there is a lot card clubs in Greece. But these are separate clubs, not casinos.

A bit of history
Gambling in Greece has an ancient history. The Greeks believed that they appeared by the will of the gods. Gambling is mentioned not only in ancient myths and legends, but also in descriptions of real historical events. So, in the Odyssey of Homer, there is an episode when Palamedeye entertained boredom in anticipation of the storming of Troy soldiers with dice. And the Queen of Parisis was also a passionate fan of dice.

By the way, the game of dice was brought to Greece from the Asian continent. Dices was favorite game for both rich and poor people. In ancient Greece there were even specially organized places in which you could play dice. They became the prototypes of the first gambling establishments. However, the attitude of the authorities to this entertainment was negative. It was believed that the hobby of playing with dice could negatively affect the foundations of the country and morally corrupt the population.