Worldwide gambling - Gambling in Egypt

Cairo - a storehouse of casinos for every taste

Egypt is attractive for tourists not only for its mysteriousness and the ability to learn secrets of the ancient Egyptian civilizations, the possibility of rest on the shores of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, but also a wonderful amusement in its gambling establishments.

You can find a lot of different gambling houses in Egypt. Only in Cairo there are more than two dozens of gambling establishments. Among them, the most visited are:

Marriott Cairo Hotel

Cleopatra Casino

Casino Midway

Casino Panorama

Al Andalous Casino

Marriott Cairo Hotel & amp Casino is very popular in this city. This entertainment complex includes a huge area of palace gardens, a chic hotel with more than 1100 comfortable rooms, a cinema, 15 restaurants, a conference hall and a banquet hall, and a world-class casino. Casino customers are offered a variety of gambling options, including slot machines, card games (Texas Hold'em, baccarat, blackjack), roulette and others. The daily drawing of prizes and a jackpot warm up interest of players and beckon to visit a gambling establishment as often as possible.

Casino in Sharm El Sheikh

A number of Egypt's casinos are also located on the territory of Sharm el-Sheikh. The most known are:

Casino Royale-Movenpick Joliе

Villt Resort&Casino


Hilton Sharm Resort

Sinay Grand Casino

Here, the most visited is the casino of the gambling complex -DOMINA CORAL BAY RESORT & amp, which is a small town with 1- and 2-storey buildings. On the territory of the entertainment complex there is a beautiful beach, children's pools, night club, zoo, shopping center, Aladdin casino and other entertainments. Inside of the casino there are 15 gaming tables for playing roulette (American and French roulette), card games (blackjack, poker) and slot machines. For the wealthy fans of gambling there is private gaming-room available. Every day casino owners hold poker tournaments there, visitors also offered free drinks. Bonuses and discounts available for regular casino customers.

There are gambling establishments in Alexandria and Taba. To be clear, these resorts contain only one Egyptian casino per resort. So, for Israelis - favorite place for gambling entertainment is the casino in the city of Taba. In Israel, gambling is prohibited, but on its territory you can still find several illegal gambling houses. However, Israeli residents are trying to comply with the law and prefer to leave the country in order to indulge in gambling with a calm heart.

Entry to the Egyptian casinos is allowed to persons which at least 18 years old. Foreign citizens need to have a passport with them. The Egyptians themselves are not allowed to play gambling, except for those with dual citizenship.

The currency used in the casino - euro, and you can buy chips in exchange for cash, and using credit cards, travel checks and bank deposits.

The minimum bet in almost all Egyptian casinos - 5 euros (around $7), on slot machines - 1 euro-cent. Entertaining shows for casino customers are free.