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Luxurious casinos of Finland - vacation for sight and soul

The Finnish casino is a state monopoly. Therefore, all the proceeds from its activities the country sends to charity (social events and medical support). Establishment called - Helsinki Grand Casino, and it is located in the Fennia hotel-palace. This building was built quite a long time ago, at the beginning of the 20th century, but not so long ago it was restored and now has an updated look.

Initially, the casino was called differently - CasinoRay, and was located in a completely different hotel, Ramada President. Under this name, it lasted 15 years. And only since 2004, after moving to a new place, the world began to know it under a new name Helsinki Grand Casino.

Helsinki Grand Casino, offers players numerous card games, (among them Black jack, Caribbean poker, Baccarat), roulette, craps, video poker, slots (over 300 slot machines) and other games. Players which decided to try their luck in gambling for the first time, can go walkthrough learning-guide, casinos staff will gladly help you out.

Age threshold for entering the casino: 18 years.

Distinguishing feature of the Finland casino:

Between games, visitors of the casino can use the hotels restaurant (there is three different restaurants to choose from), spend some time in the bar (there are two of them) or a cafe. In the evening - you can enjoy watching entertainment shows, which in this casino are by no means a rarity.

To play in the casino, you need to have a certain appearance (not necessarily dress up as for a holiday, but a business style or at least just a neat appearance are necessary) and cash savings. Credit cards in the casino of Finland are not accepted. You can buy chips at the cashier's office by exchanging them for euros or getting them for travel checks.

The casino works without days off: starting from 12-00 o'clock, the slots hall opens, and from 14-00 gambling tables become available. The poker room starts working at 20-30. The casino closes at 4:00 in the morning. The entrance to the casino is paid and is 2 euros (~$2,50).

If you want, you can order a special tour, which includes a certain package of services. At the same time, the minimum deposit will be from 5,000 euros (~$7000), and in case of losing Helsinki Grand Casino will return to the client from 10 to 20 percent of the lost sum.

The Finnish casino attracts interest not only from tourists, but also from local residents. And this is not surprising. After all, you can not only entertain yourself with gambling and relax from everyday work or fuss, but also enjoy the sound of live music, lunch or dinner in a restaurant, etc.

And in the near future RAY (Raha-automaattiyhdistys) plans to build another casino in Finland, in the southeast of the country near the Russian border. In this area at the moment, new hotels are being built, the construction of an aquapark is expected. Tourism is constantly evolving. And the company believes that the construction of the casino will be fully justified here.

Should be noted, Helsinki Casino belongs to the same company. And in the next four years, they plan to expand the range of offered services in the casino and increase number of slot machines for 2500 in total.