Books about online gambling

Interesting books about online gambling with strategies and guides

On many websites you can find different articles, reviews, techniques, tips, with which you can learn how to play different gambling games. In general, online gambling operates according to the same laws as ordinary casinos. Of course, it has its own specificity, the rules of most games are the same, therefore almost everything that concerns the game in traditional gambling halls, is suitable for online gambling.

However, books have a significant advantage over all materials on the websites. Why? - Because any book has a much larger volume than a dozen of articles. The author of the book has the opportunity to tell in detail about any situation, give many tips and give many examples. Articles usually focused, on those who want to quickly learn all the secrets to win at online gambling, but book in turn is intended for those who want to really get into the essence of all the problems of modern online gambling.

For beginners, I can recommend a really great book. It was written by John De Brokopp, and it is called "A guide to internet gambling, or a source of safe and profitable gambling." This book was first published in 2001. Someone can say that for 10 years in the world of gambling, much could change, and such books have long been outdated. Yes, there is a certain reason in these words. Nevertheless, there are many basic principles that remain unchanged, and J. Brokopp's work has much to say about them. The person who will read this book, will find on its pages a lot of advices and recommendations. If you listen to them, you can quickly understand how online gambling operates, and also find out how to make profit from it.

There is another valuable book - the work of Angus Donnington "Online Gambling." 140 pages of this book contain a lot of information, most of which explains exactly what, how and why has world of gambling changed over the past few years. It perfectly complements the book of J. Brokopp mentioned above. In this book many interesting things will be found not only for beginners and amateurs. Even a professional will be interested in learning something new.

Well, for those who are interested in poker, there is also an excellent book. It was written by Doyle Brunson, the multiple champion of the World Series of Poker. The book he wrote is called "Online Poker: Your Guide to Safe and Profitable Online Poker." If you compare its name with the name of the book mentioned at the beginning, made by J. Brokopp, it is easy to see what both authors consider the most important in the gambling niche: safety and profitability.

The Branson's book is about the specifics of online poker, about how he managed to climb to the heights of glory. A lot of valuable tips will be learned from this book by beginners, who are just starting their way in the gambling business.