Worldwide gambling - Austrian casinos

Remarkable views, chic nature and luxury casinos - Austria has everything for your vacation

If you want to travel somewhere far and visit a casino, Austria will fully satisfy all your interests. This country is remarkable not only for its beautiful climate and natural landscapes, its culture or attractions. It also contains the most famous casinos of Europe.

In total there are 12 casinos in this country. Some of them are currently closed (for example, in the cities of Seefeld, Kitzbühel, Vienna, etc.), but others continue to work, and offer games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, slot machines with progressive jackpots and other gambling entertainment.

So, for example, a casino in the center of the Austrian city of Bad Gastein invites professional players and just fans of gambling to have fun and enjoy spending free time with favorite games every day from 7pm. This casino is located in the huge building of the Grand Hotel de l'Europe, built in the early 20th century (1907) and it is one of the best casinos in Austria. It began its activity in 1984. The area occupied by a gambling establishment is about 600 square meters.

In addition, to wide variety of gambling games of this casino you'll have a huge choice of entertainment for the soul and excellent service, and at the entrance you will receive a welcoming bonus in the form of chips ($25 worth) and glass of champagne. The dealers of Bad Gastein Casino is very polite, and they do not ignore any of their visitors: you can learn the rules of a game, and practical advice from them.

In this casino, special events such as slots and poker tournaments, competitions with prizes, concerts and other events are constantly organized. You can find out about all of the events and their specific dates in the casino calendar.

To be able to enter this casino, you need to be properly dressed, pay for the entrance ticket and show an identity document.

Other Austrian casinos

Another of the most famous casinos in Austria is a gambling establishment in Velden. And although at the moment it is closed, this casino deserves attention.

Velden is a wonderful resort in Austria. It is perfect for both children and adults. A wonderful beach, a unique climate allow you to relax not only with your physical body, but with your soul as well. To the guests attention various entertainment available. For children - children's Olympic Games, walks in the Rosegg park, the theater of puppets, etc. For adults - soccer, tennis, water games, bike rides and, of course, casino.

The gambling establishment in Velden was opened in 1950 and at that time was the fifth in the list of all casinos in Austria. A huge influx of tourists and the demand for gambling required expansion of its areas. Therefore, in 1987, the construction of a new casino in Velden was started, and after 2 years it opened the doors for its first visitors in the number of 4,000 people.