How To Win On Microgaming Casino Slots Online

Ways Of Winning On Microgaming Casino Slots Online

You can see gaming apps developed by Microgaming in any online casino. The prolific brand has more than 1,000 slot titles under its belt! One of the major casino software providers, Microgaming is always a step ahead of its competitors. It’s considered a true trendsetter in the online gambling industry.

How To Play On Microgaming Slots

Compared to other one-armed bandits, slot machines by Microgaming have a few characteristics that make them stand out:

  • Microgaming slots have a longer play cycles, i.e. gamblers have to make more bets before they hit a winning combination with a high payout. To complete a cycle, you might need to make up to 500 medium- and large-size wagers. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem.
  • While older models tend to have a high dispersion, modern ones have a medium dispersion.  
  • Microgaming often produces almost identical games with the same gameplay and technical parameters. 
  • When playing Microgaming slots, you can’t gain an advantage over the casino, even if you count in bonuses. It’s probably due to a long cycle which depletes a player’s bankroll too fast.  

At the same time, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid slot machines produced by Microgaming. You simply need to learn how to play them in the right way. For example, some gamblers know a fast way to recoup their losses in a new play cycle. To “make” a slot switch to a new cycle, you need to either keep increasing your bets, or keep topping up your bankroll. This way, you’ll be able to “cheat” the system and switch your slot to a new cycle. That will ensure you a pretty decent payout at 93-97%.


The Microgaming brand is known for their generous slots with huge progressive jackpots.  A progressive slot is like a treasure box that may fling open at any minute! This is why proficient gamblers tend to choose Microgaming over other manufacturers. Gamblers have won half a billion of dollars on Microgaming slots so far, which is far ahead of other software brands. If you’re after a big money prize, there can be no second-guessing here. Pick a Microgaming slot you like and gamble away! 

Return To Player Percentage

The majority of new slots boast a pretty high RTP percentage that reaches 96.83%. It’s a good value that can bring you massive payouts. The only problem is that many casinos still offer outdated Microgaming models with a far less impressive RTP (up to 88%). Also bear in mind that RTP in progressive slots tends to be lower than you might expect. Instead of landing in a casino’s pocket, a part of each bet goes to the jackpot pool. To make up for missed profits, software brands provide progressive slots with lower RTP. 

How to choose the right slot for real-money gambling:

  • Choose new games that have been issued in the recent years. Not only are the more advanced and exciting, but also have juicier payouts. 
  • Medium-dispersion games tend to have a medium play cycle, which is good for a gambler. The higher the dispersion, the longer the cycle. If a one-armed bandit has a high dispersion, you risk waiting for your winnings forever.  
  • If the thought of life-changing jackpots doesn’t make your heart beat faster, you should avoid progressive slots. By playing regular titles, you’ll enjoy higher winning chances.