Why Casinos Have Free Slots

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Every major online casino has free slots on its website. Have you ever wondered why casinos are doing that? What is the use in providing free games that don’t generate any profits?

Land-based casinos don’t have free games. Theoretically, you can sit in front of a slot machine without making any bets, but you’re guaranteed to feel the perplexed glances of security guards. In an offline casino, every bet costs money. So what’s this thing with free games online? 

Free Slots As A Promotion Tool

Gambling websites use free slots to promote their collections of games. Some casinos even invite users to watch a game of live poker or live roulette. While you won’t be allowed to make bets, you’ll still be able to watch the exciting game with your own eyes. After testing a slot in demo mode, the player is likely to make a deposit and start placing real-money bets.

The Tricks Of Free Slots

To play free slots, you don’t need to do anything. No registration, no identity verification, no deposits. The beauty of free slots is that they are easily accessible. At the same time, free slots have some differences from their real-money counterparts. For example, a free slot may have a higher frequency of payouts. Of course, casinos do that on purpose. The more money the slot pays out, the better. A profitable slot is more likely to urge the player to switch to real-money bets. 

While not all casinos use this trick, it’s really working. After playing a free slot with frequent payouts, beginning players start to believe that all slots are as generous as that one. When such players switch to real-money mode, they discover that real-money slots are less willing to shower them with wins. Reality bites!  

Free Slots As A Form Of Relaxed Gambling

Among gamblers, there are plenty of those who gamble exclusively in demo mode. Why do many players prefer free slots over regular ones? The thing is not all players are interested in real-money winnings. They simply enjoy the very process of gambling. After all, modern slots boast elaborate plots, immersive music, and charismatic characters. Playing a free slot is like playing a high-quality video game. It’s entertaining and exciting. Another reason has to do with money. While you can’t win money on free one-armed bandits, you can’t lose it either! You don’t have to worry about losses that may damage your bankroll. As a result, lack of financial risk makes your gambling experience more enjoyable and relaxed. As you can see, demo mode has a number of virtues. If, however, you can’t live without the feeling of euphoria generated by gambling, free slots are definitely not for you.  

List Of Original Free Slots

Sooner or later, even the most exciting and profitable slot game starts to get boring, making you look for new original titles. Check out our list of amazing free slots that we’ve dug out for you.

Vegas VIP Gold

The very name of this slot is full of promises! Although Vegas VIP Gold has been around for a while already, few players have heard about it. This title explores the luxurious lifestyle, with its premium cars, devilishly beautiful women, expensive whiskey, and champagne baths. If you’ve been dreaming to experience the touch of luxury, this is your best chance! 

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Where Is The Gold

This title stands out through its attractive design, unusual symbols, and rewarding bonus features. The slot has no clear plot line. If you’re looking for a serene, relaxing game without plot twists, you can’t miss Where Is The Gold. You’re sure to like free spins enhanced with powerful bonus symbols. This slot is bursting with wins. Hurry to collect them all! 

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Twin Spin Slot

Twin Spin Slot is another remarkable title on our list. The game features 5 reels, omnipotent Wild symbol, and crazy payouts. The main symbol of the game is a huge precious stone that triggers jaw-dropping cash prizes. Other icons include the Bell, the Bar, the Cherry, as well as letters and digits. This game is like a boosted version of a classic slot.

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Sizzling Hot Deluxe

Sizzling Hot Deluxe is the improved version of its predecessor, Sizzling Hot. The sequel builds on the strengths of the original title, boasting the enhanced graphics. The slot is generous with free spins and high-paying features. On the reels, you’ll see lemons, cherries, grapes, lucky 7s, and other colorful icons. Spin the reels to hit some juicy wins!

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Playboy Gold

We’re wrapping up our list with the Microsoft-powered Playboy Gold slot. This is a truly unique title with crazy symbols and mouth-watering cash prizes. Although the rules may seem a bit confusing, you’ll need just a few minutes to get the hang of the game. This fun and flirty slot will steal your heart before you even blink! 

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