Things You Need to Know Before Taking Part in Slot Tournaments

Tips about slot machine tournaments

Slot tournaments are amazing contests that bring together thousands of keen gamblers. Driven by their passion for one-armed bandits, participants get the opportunity to vie for big wins and have a great time playing exciting games! We highly recommend that you try out a tournament at Australian online slots casino Syndicate! It’s fun!

How a Tournament Takes Place

There is nothing complicated about a slot tournament. At the specified time, all registered participants start to play one and the same slot. Each contestant has equal number of coins.  At the end of the allotted time, the gambler with the biggest winnings is announced as a winner of the tournament. 

Holding a tournament on a gambling site is very easy because participants are playing from their homes. In land-based casinos, the situation is a bit more complicated. It’s not uncommon that number of those willing to take part in a tournament exceeds number of available machines. To solve the problem, casino managers split contestants into groups that take turns at slot machines. As a result, a tournament may last up to several days.

Slots tournaments are not free for casino clients (mostly). To take part in such an exciting event, you need to pay an entry fee (buy-in) or some casinos can provide you bonus codes for playing slots. For example, you can take a look at Syndicate bonus codes. Most of the time, buy-in amounts are affordable. At the same time, it’s important to understand that the buy-in amount, number of contestants, and size of a prize pool are all correlated. The more people have registered for a tournament, the more valuable prizes they can count on.

Money Pool

A slots tournament can have a fixed (guaranteed) or progressive money pool. In the first case, a casino guarantees that the money pool will be no lower than a specific amount. In the second case, a money pool is made from buy-ins. The more gamblers have enrolled into the tournament, the more money will be at stake.

Most of the time, money is distributed between the gamblers that showed the best three results. The winner gets more than 50% of the total money pool. However, some casinos reward the first ten (or even hundred) contestants with payouts. The farther you are from the 1st place, the less money you'll get. Still, it’s nice to be recognized for your efforts!

Smart Strategies for Slot Tournaments

Since it’s slots we’re talking about, forget about a winning strategy because there is none. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up scooping the biggest winnings and leave behind all your rivals. If, on the contrary, luck turns its back on you, you’ll gamble away all your chips without winning anything.

Here is good news, though. There is one way to boost your winning odds. Once you’ve gambled away all your chips, you can buy a new batch of those (it’s called “re-buy”). However, not all tournaments have the rebuy options, so be sure to read the rules before you enroll into the contest. In some tournaments, you can only do one rebuy, while other contests allow for multiple rebuys. 


Winner gets their money payouts right after the tournament is over. Sometimes, instead of money rewards, participants receive valuable prizes, tickets to prestigious tournaments and events etc. In brick-and-mortar casinos, winners get their rewards during a festive ceremony. The winner is handed a big paper check and gets their picture taken for the casino “wall of fame”.