Bonuses For Slots

Slots And Online Casino Bonuses

Nothing excites gamblers more than bonuses. It’s a surefire way to urge gamblers to register a new account and start spending money on wagers. Gambling sites reward their clients for topping up their accounts. The rule of thumb is usually this: the bigger your deposit, the bigger your bonus.  As you probably already know, there is no such thing as a free bonus. Each money gift comes with wagering requirements. Most of the time, you’re only allowed to fulfil your wagering requirements on slots. 

What To Expect

Usually, a player gets 100% to 300% on their first deposit. The exact amount of money depends on the casino and the amount of your deposit. This is a well-thought-out system to encourage a player to make bigger deposits and lay their hand on the maximum bonus.

However, casino generosity is not endless. Each bonus is limited in size. If, say, the maximum limit is $450, that’s it. Even you make a two-thousand-dollar deposit, you’ll only get $450, and not a cent more.  

About Wagering Requirements

On most gambling sites, slots are eligible for meeting wagering requirements. Due to their simple rules and juicy payouts, one-armed bandits make the task of meeting the wagering requirements easier for a player. Other games can be eligible too but here is the trick. If, say, you’re playing roulette, a casino may count only a part of your bets towards wagering requirements. For a player, this is not a good thing, so it’s better to stick with one-armed bandits. 

The crucial thing to understand is that you’ll have to make a big number of bets before you meet the wagering requirements. The wager is a rate that shows how much money you need to spend on bets on the gambling site before you’re allowed to withdraw your bonus from the system. 

Slot Bonuses

Did you know that slots have their own bonuses that have nothing to do with those provided by a casino? To access these bonuses, you simply need to play for real money. 

The most famous type of slot bonuses is free spins. To win free spins, you need to land a specific winning combination. If you win a payout during you free spins, it will be multiplied by a specific multiplier. And the best part is that you can cash out your winnings whenever you want to, without fulfilling the wagering requirements. 

Bonus game is another type of reward that gamblers can benefit from. The beautiful thing is that you can’t lose a bonus game. You’ll leave with a payout no matter what! On top of that, bonus games tend to have progressive jackpots. 

Slots are packed with special symbols that help you land winning combos and win more money. Some symbols trigger profitable bonus features, while others come with sky-high multipliers.  Whatever the reward is, you won’t be disappointed!

The best thing about slot bonuses is that they don’t burden a player with obligations. It’s safe to say that this category of bonuses is absolutely free. If you hit a bonus, you don’t owe anything to a casino. 

Looking For The Best Slots

Everyone is different. When choosing the best one-armed bandits to play, each gambler has their own preferences and criteria. One and the same game can make totally different impressions on two different players.  

With that said, any slot rating is a subjective, one-sided opinion of one gambler. Still, there are universal standards that a gaming app must meet in order to deliver a great user experience. 


You might find it hard to believe but few software developers know what stands behind an intuitive interface. Even nowadays, you can easily come across a slot with an illogical or simply confusing interface. This is especially true for the “Payout” button which is often hard to find. 

Another flaw is that if you click the “Max Bet” button, the slot automatically makes the maximum bet and starts the reels. The problem is that many players click on this button out of sheet curiosity or willing to find out the size of the maximum bet. But they end up spending a big amount of money on a wager they didn’t want to make!

Also, it would be nice to have extended settings not only for the Auto mode, but for volume and sounds as well. Also, it would be nice if a user had the possibility to switch between different soundtracks.

Simple Rules

The reason why slots are so loved by the gambling community is that they are extremely easy to play. Indeed, even a complete rookie can get the hang of how to play one-armed bandits. While some gamblers prefer complicated games, the vast majority of casino clients are more comfortable with a straightforward gameplay where you don’t need to think too much. Sometimes, you just want to relax after a grueling working day, and a tricky game won’t help you with that!   

Some gaming apps have more than one bonus symbol. That differ by their functions. For example, one bonus symbol come with a big multiplier, while the other triggers a bonus round. Although a differentiation like that may cause confusion, it definitely adds excitement to the gameplay. You never know which bonus symbol you’re going to land.  

Another problem has to do with how slot characteristics are described in the “Payout” section. In some games, the description is so unclear and messy that it kills the desire to play the game. Software brands should put more effort into creating user-friendly descriptions to their products.  

Graphics And Sound

Despite that fact that 2D slots lack cutting-edge graphics and immersive sound effects, gamblers show no intention of giving them up. This proves that technical specifications are not all that matters for players. However, this issue has two sides to it because modern slots must have advanced graphics and music. It’s what makes them entertaining and unique.