Live VS. Social Media Gambling

Live Games With Live Dealers Or Gambling On Social Media Sites?

Even if you’re a complete rookie when it comes to gambling, you must have heard about the merits of live gambling! Live games with live dealers have taken the gambling industry by storm. Gamblers have developed an instant love for live games, and this feeling seems to be growing by day! 

At the same time, it would be a misconception to view regular online apps and live casinos as competitors. These two gambling formats complement each other rather nicely, giving players the possibility to choose. One day, you feel like playing slot machines, while the next day, you may want to make a few bets at a roulette table. It’s nice to have diversity!

How Live Games Changed The Gambling Scene

It’s safe to say that the presence of a live dealer can transform any casino game. A live dealer makes a game more exciting and engaging. It adds a whole range of emotions to the mix. Before the emergence of slot machines, a dealer (and sometimes other players as well) was an integral part of any game, whether it was poker, blackjack, roulette or baccarat.  

In some games (e.g., roulette), a dealer simply organizes and guides the game. However, there are some games (e.g., blackjack) where a dealer is a fully-fledged participant of the game.    

Live casino games were a logical next step in the development of gambling industry. The new format enhanced online games, making them more appealing in the eyes of players. This way, both casinos and gamblers benefited from the new format.

Video Slots

Slot machines are one of the few games that don’t have a live version. To play a slot, you don’t need a real person to help or guide you. This is why slots in both online and offline casinos work in the exact same way. 

Random Number Generator

On some gambling sites, you’ll only find regular casino apps. Such games are based on the algorithm called random number generator. You can’t say that RNG-based games are worse or better than live games. It’s no use comparing them. There is a vast category of gamblers who prefer casino programs to live games. All we can say is that tastes differ!

Low Bets

The thing gamblers love most about RNG-based games is low betting limits. Wagers start from 1-10 cents which is something every gambler can afford. At the same time, to make one bet in a live game, you need to spend $0.5-1. Ugh, these prices bite! 

When choosing the gambling format, many gamblers weight their financial possibilities. Since live games are less budget-friendly, many people opt for regular online apps. 


As already said, both live and regular games can co-exist in the same environment. It’s a good idea to switch between these two types of casinos and look at gambling from different angles! 

Gambling On Social Media Is Making Waves In The USA

The Americans are known for their love for casino games. It’s for a reason the world’s biggest gambling hub is located in the United States. (Yes, we’re talking about the one and only Las Vegas!) The Americans love online casinos no less than land-based gambling. Although gambling sites are banned in the majority of US states, American gamblers have found a way-out. They’re now playing casino games on social media sites!

According to experts, social media gambling is the new big thing. Although this format has nothing to do with real-money bets, you can enjoy other attributes of high-quality gambling, such as a huge selection of games, entertaining slots, bonus programs, etc.  

But what makes social media casino games really stand out is the level of communication they offer. Gamblers can talk to each other via online chat, boast their accomplishments, share useful strategies and hints, post photos on their page, like other people’s posts, and many more. All this creates a friendly atmosphere and contributes to building a strong community where gamblers help and support each other. Regular gambling sites can’t hold a candle to social media platforms in that regard! 

The fact that you can’t win real money on social media games doesn’t seem to bother gamblers in the least. Instead of money, people learn to appreciate other types of rewards, such as statuses in the loyalty program, bonuses, points, etc. As it turned out, non-financial incentives as just as effective at motivating gamblers as cash prizes!   

Although gamblers can’t win real money, they can make real-money deposits. Imagine the following situation. You spent all your free chips too fast, and the new batch is not coming until tomorrow. But you want to continue playing right now, and you don’t want to wait. In this case, you can top up your account and buy yourself an extra batch of chips.  

Casinos on social media sites are definitely in vogue at the moment. They are attracting new clients and establishing a loyal following. 

Sooner or later, online gambling will be legalized throughout the United States. This is when a part of those who are now gambling on social media will switch to online casinos.