How To Beat An Online Casino: Strategies And Software

How to achieve more frequent winnings: Strategies or smart software?

It goes without saying that every gambler is dreaming of beating an online casino. In pursuing that goal, gamblers choose different strategies. While some users are doing their best to release a welcome bonus, others spend hours playing progressive slots or trying to gain an advantage at roulette.  Let’s see each of these methods in more detail. 

Releasing A Welcome Bonus

This strategy can be quite helpful but there some important things to understand here. No online casino is willing to give away its money to players. To prevent users from releasing their bonuses, casinos introduce the wagering requirements that can be very harsh sometimes. For many players, cashing out a bonus remains an unattainable goal.

If you succeed in fulfilling the wagering requirements, congratulations! Good job. But this is when welcoming gifts run out. The casino won’t provide you with another signup bonus. To get a new welcome bonus, you need to register with a different casino, make a deposit, and fulfill the wagering requirements again. 

The Magnetism Of Progressive Jackpots

Hitting a progressive jackpot can change your life in a second. The lucky winner receives more money than they can spend in their entire life. We bet there is no gambler that wouldn’t dream (at least secretly) of winning such a jaw-dropping prize! When it comes to a progressive jackpot, the winning odds are not in a player’s favor. In fact, winning chances are so slim that you can totally ignore them. However, that doesn’t discourage passionate gamblers from persevering.

Very few lucky people know the feeling of winning a huge cash prize. If you’re fixated on hitting a jackpot, the strategy to use is very straightforward. You should play as much as you can. Also, you should stick to the maximum bets. 

Winning Systems For Roulette And Other Gambling Games  

Many casino clients believe that you can actually beat the house at roulette. Unfortunately, it’s just another myth devised to give gamblers hope. Despite what gamblers may claim, there is no winning strategy that could provide you with an edge over a casino.   

The same goes for slots. There is no way you can exceed the pre-set RTP (return to player) percentage and win more than you’re “allowed” to. If someone says that they’ve found the optimal strategy for slot machines, they’re either trying to scam you, or are confused themselves. 

The good news is that the optimal strategy for blackjack actually exists. It’s a real chance to get hold of juicier payouts, so be sure to try it out.

Smart Software: To Use Or Not To Use?

In their user agreements, many gambling sites don’t allow their clients to use any software that can affect the outcome of a game. However, that doesn’t mean that players can’t use programs to enhance their winning chances.  

Before we proceed, let us warn you that winning programs are not nearly as effective as their authors are saying. None of the programs available in the market nowadays can give you a sure recipe for winnings. Remain skeptical and don’t believe everything you read.

Software For Card Games

The only programs to look out for are those for blackjack and poker. In both of these games, a player can reduce the house edge if they choose to apply the optimal strategy. A winning program will guide you through the optimal strategy, giving you tips and hints. Online casinos don’t stop players from using such programs because applying the optimal strategy is not against the rules.

Roulette And Slots

As for programs for roulette and slots, they can’t increase your winning chances. Their main function is to gather and analyze data, such as the total number of successful wagers. The more wins you’ve had, the higher the chances that your next bet will generate a payout.  

When you’re playing roulette, the program records the outcome of each spin and helps you choose the best type of bet. For example, if your five bets on Black all ended in a loss, the program will display high winnings odds for betting on Black. The crucial thing to understand is that it’s not a 100% accurate prediction but merely a tip.

When you’re playing a slot, a program counts the number of winning and losing spins. As you can see, it’s just an analysis software tool that can’t possibly improve your winning chances. 

Online Poker

If you’re a keen poker player, a clever program can help you make the right decisions, take notes on other players, track statistics, and many more. This is a perfect example of when a software becomes a true friend and helper, pushing your closer to victory.